How to play:

Control the movement of your worm using the mouse. Use the left mouse for the speed boost. 

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About unblocked is a tough but fun Slither-style io game. You will be dropped into a world of neon worms where you must fight for the ultimate domination. Have your skills ready for an epic adventure awaiting you ahead. You will direct a neon worm around this world to collect lots of different colored dots. As you collect these dots, your size will become bigger. Make sure you keep collecting them until you reach an enormous size. Watch out for other enemy worms around you. They are also gathering the dots to grow their size. So, you have to be careful with them. When you are ready, you can use your strategies to defeat the enemies. Lure and make them run into your tail to destroy them, or you can speed up to outmaneuver them. Do not run into their tails with your head, otherwise, you will be destroyed. You should pick up power-ups to get an upper hand on your rivals. Will you become the biggest worm in the arena? Join online now! Have a blast with it!

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