How to play:

Use the mouse to control your player

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About is a free multiplayer racing iO game. Reaching the end of the water slide before rivals will be the mission that you are required to complete. Play the match against lots of opponents online at once it is not easy to achieve the goal. Aside from evading hits caused by competitors nearby, you are also able to launch bumps to make the target fall off the track.

In unlocked, it’s necessary for you to survive. When you are successful in eliminating somebody or avoiding their attacks, you will have one more chance to rank up. So, you are recommended to deploy your tips and tricks in time. A mistake can result in your failure later. However, you can choose to knock about everybody on the path if you like. Or, you will focus on taking over the leader position only. is one of the titles set in the water theme. Check it to discover more locations to entertain yourself!

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