How to play:

Use the left mouse to interact with items and people

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About Trade West

Trade West is a free-to-play online shop game including lots of exciting objectives. Visit a strange location known as Charleston and you are able to start a completely different job there without difficulty. It is a city which hides a great potential that will allow you to become the richest person. You will begin your story in Trade West by heading to the Mayors house. The man will assign the task and you should fulfill all before you step into the next stage. Receive the challenge and explore areas in which you can win and earn more money. It is easy to travel back or forth between destinations. More importantly, you do not forget to sell or buy good to make a profit. When you save enough coins, you can think of adding upgrades to develop the region and turn it into a prosperous place. Are you willing to experience that interesting adventure and win? Much fun!

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