How to play:

Use the left mouse button to touch objects and place collected objects

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About Tower Escape

Tower Escape is one of the best free online games which require players to save themselves after they wake up in a strange place. It is possible for you to continue the challenge that you have ever joined, or embark on a completely new puzzle. Once you press the button, you can see a room not existing before, containing lots of items such as the bookshelves and a door which is locked. Not only that, it is easy to head to the left or the right to discover remaining areas in Tower Escape by clicking the mouse on the arrows on both sides of the screen. More importantly, you are recommended to touch everything located in front of your eyes. It is also a way to search for clues from hidden objects. Collect those pieces, stock them in the inventory and they will be useful to solve your troubles. Remember to put them into the right spot! When you progress, you can get close to victory and come back home quickly.

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