How to play:

Direct the movement of your car using WASD or arrow keys. Speed up your car using the spacebar.

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Are you a good racer? Why don’t you show off your skills in unblocked? You will race against many opponents around the world in an epic race. With a classic car in your hands, you must control and drive it carefully through a big map trying to defeat all other players. You can perform many cool tricks as well as use good strategies to get an upper hand on them. Try your hardest to get all the laps done in the least amount of time possible to earn yourself a high score. The one that gets to the end of the track first will win the race. It can take a lot of skills, patience, and a strong will to defeat all of your opponents in this tough race. But that’s how the challenge is! If you re a fan of racing io games, take this challenge now then start to conquer it. Have a blast with game!

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