How to play:

Strike WASD or Arrows to go around, Space to jump, Left Shift to sprint, C to crouch, RMB to aim, LMB to fire, R to reload, 1-5 to choose weapons, Tab or P to pause

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About is a great free multiplayer first-person shooter. It is also one of the most features io games that you are recommended to experience. Take part in an intense match set in the future with a cool sci-fi theme to hunt all of the lurking enemies. unblocked is an arena full of portals and jump platforms. In which, you have to destroy every opponent or they will kill you. The secret facility where they are hiding will offer many positions to cover and ambush. Depending on the situation, you can choose and deploy corresponding weapons. Play online you will receive various guns. Besides, it is easy to switch them. Along with scoring, you must defend yourself to survive. There are several ways to keep avoid deadly headshots such as jumping, crouching, and even shooting. However, it is necessary to fire before you take damage! Engage in the battle and become the last standing man now!

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