How to play:

Use the mouse to direct the movement of your character, use the left mouse to shoot, use the right mouse for using an item and press R to reload.

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About SmashArena

You will be thrown into an epic yet tough battle in SmashArena unblocked! Have all of your skills with strategies ready now to fight off all enemies. The first thing you must do when spawning in the arena of SmashArena online is to gather items dotted on the ground. Once you have collected them, you must use them smartly to destroy all opponents that stand in your way. The more kills you accumulate, the higher the score you can earn, which powers up yourself as well. Be careful when you fight against tough enemies! They can outwit you with their evil schemes, so you must protect yourself all the time. Once killed, the game will be over, and you have to restart everything from scratch. Try to remain alive until you get to the top rank on the leaderboard to become the best fighter! No more waiting! Step into SmashArena to battle it out now!

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