How to play:

Use the mouse to draw, press B for brush, E for eraser, F to fill the bucket, C to delete the drawing and Z to undo an action.

Rating Games


Among Drawing games online, is the latest one with awesome features and great gameplay. Have your skills ready for unblocked right now then see if you can beat all opponents. Like other io games unblocked about drawing and guessing, you will play as an artist to draw stuff in relation to a given word, so other players can take a guess for points. Also, at the same time, you can play as a guesser trying to guess a word written by your friend. If you are the first one guessing it right, you will earn a high score. Keep drawing and guessing until all rounds come to an end. The one with the best score will become the winner of the game! You will have a lot of fun playing with new friends across the world and show them your excellent drawing and guessing skills. Play the game now! Have fun

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