How to play:

Move around the arena using WASD. Use the left mouse to shoot, and press QEF for using upgrades (active).

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About unblocked is an incredible shooter game to play with many friends around the world. It is also a game that helps you hone your shooting ability through epic challenges. It’s up to you to play solo or join friends in multiplayer battles. There are three game modes, 10 classes, and 11 perks for you to try out. These elements make online one of the best shooter io games to master. All you have to do is to kill enemies around you using your weapons. You can even smash some crates for more upgrades, like health regen, vision, speed, axe, grenade, shield, etc. These upgrades help boost your strength and give you a higher chance to win over your friends. Keep an eye on your points as you play because when you reach 10k points, you can find out what happens. The big goal for you in free online is to rule the leaderboard!

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