How to play:

Press WASD keys to move, LMB to shoot, E to switch weapons, R to reload, Q to throw grenades.

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About Shell Shockers

Shell Shockers is an awesome brand new Free For All game based on the browser. Engage a fierce combat set in a port along with multiple aggressive opponents and terminate everybody as soon as possible! There are many different classes for you to choose from. Each character will be equipped unique weapons and abilities. You can take a look at the collection before picking out the favorite gunner. Next, enter a 3d map and show up your skills by using lethal weapons. You are able to use a Scramble Shotgun or an EggK47 in Shell Shockers. Move carefully and quickly hide behind containers if you are attacked. Otherwise, you will get cracked or even be killed. Do not ignore power-ups dropped by destroyed players! During the battle, you can reload, fire, and throw grenades. Just select whatever suitable for the existing circumstance and you can increase the winning chance effectively. Good luck!

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