How to play:

Direct the movement of your character around the city to get more followers and popularity using the mouse.

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About Popular

Popular free online is a game like and, but it is definitely funnier to players. In Popular unblocked, you have to move around the city in the shape of a small and lone character. There are many people dotted in the city. Your mission is to turn them into your followers, then gradually, you can build up a big crowd for more popularity. Be watchful for the enemy crowds as they can defeat yours to get more followers. You must stop them from attacking you while at the same time trying to kill them all. As time goes by, try to develop your smart strategies then use them to outplay your opponents. The one with the biggest crowd on the leaderboard will become the winner of the match as well as build the ultimate dominance in the city. Have your skills ready for Popular game! Much fun with it!

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