How to play:

Use the mouse to swim, left click to attack.

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Play game online for free and take part in a crazy sword fighting with multiple opponents! Enter a cramped arena set in the middle of the ocean and battle against other aggressive Narwhals. The main aim is to be the King. Although everything looks very simple, it is not easy to master. Because the playfield size is reasonably small, it will bring back tons of amazing action. Besides, you will not have much time to hesitate when you have to face over 20 enemies who always try to launch their weapon at your body. In, you will get stat buffs when you eliminate somebody, for instance, movement speed, faster turning, or stamina. It means that your abilities will obtain upgrades and you can increase the winning chance. The horn will be the primary tool to slice others in half. To dodge oncoming assaults, you can bump into them with your head. Good luck!

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