How to play:

Move around the play area using the mouse. Hover over objects that you want to eat.

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Have fun playing MonsterCrush game online in your browsers! It’s a free-for-all action io game where players have to battle against each other to see who will get bigger. You spawn on the map in the shape of a little creature and you have a few tasty berries to eat. You need to wander around the play area carefully hovering over objects that you want to eat. By doing so, you can grow your size faster. Be careful with the bigger monsters around you. Stay away from them before they can eat you. As you evolve into a bigger beast, you can devour the entire cities, even including the enemies too. Keep eating and growing for a chance of winning. Every game only lasts 80 seconds, so you must quickly slay all other players to win. Can you make it to the top? Let’s try MonsterCrush unblocked now for a new experience. Have a blast with it!

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