How to play:

Use WASD to move, Shift for the slow walk, aim with the mouse, shoot with the left mouse, focus with the right mouse, jump with the spacebar, open the map or tablet using Caps Lock, open the inventory using TAB, change weapons using number keys 1-4, use pill or syringe using X, and press H for the Dance Emote.

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About MiniRoyale 2 – Battle Royale Game

MiniRoyale 2 unblocked features 3D graphics and a unique style even though it also takes inspiration from PUBG, Fortnite, and Apex Legends. If you want to make your battle royale experiences better, why don’t you give MiniRoyale 2 free game a try then see how many rivals you can defeat? The game works on the browser with no hardware requirements. Feel free to join the game whenever you want!

MiniRoyale 2 online pits you against the other 10 players around the world. All of you have the same goal: survive and be the last man standing. To that goal, it takes a lot! When you step into the arena using your parachute, you are armed with nothing. So, start to search for some weapons, supplies, and gadgets around you then use them to your advantage. The game features different kinds of weapons, including M16A4, AK-47, UZI, Shotgun, Sniper, grenades, smoke grenades, drones and more. All of them make the gameplay much more interesting. You need to equip yourself with as many weapons as possible then use them to dish out damage to your enemies. Since you may end up with other players in the same place when entering the arena, you should quickly find items to defeat them. You can also break windows, throw grenades, shoot drones, and even use a tablet. It’s all for your ultimate survival! Don’t forget to watch out for the zone that gets smaller. Make sure you stay in the safe zone and be aware of other players. Can you outplay them all and survive until the end? Much fun with MiniRoyale 2 free game!

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