How to play:

Use arrow keys or WASD to move, use F to open or close the inventory, use the left Shift for running, use Enter to chat, the left mouse to attack enemies, the right mouse for actions, keys 1-8 for changing the active item in the quick inventory, Q to use the active item, Esc to exit the active window or open the game menu.

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About unblocked is a building free-for-all io game taking inspiration from the iconic Minecraft game. In this title, you are allowed to build everything you want. You have to wander around the map and try to collect many resources then use them to construct houses with strong bases. At night, you will face off against waves of mobs. They want to destroy your buildings and you need to stop them all. Use your resources to craft advanced weapons then use them to kill all the mobs. In case you want to be at a safe place, go to the center of the map where there are no actions. You will be safe there! Try to play with smart strategies and good tactics to defeat all enemies and get through all challenges for a chance of winning. Take this chance to fly high your imagination as well as prove your building ability in free game!

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