How to play:

Use WASD or Arrows to move, Space to remove the spell, 1-7 to add elements to the current spells. Press LMB to interact or cast the spell.

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About is a fantastic RPG Free For All game. Play the new combat set in a dynamic world where you can prove your own shooting ability through battles against multiple online enemies. Not only that, it is a cool adventure that you will cast special abilities and interact with other stuff. You are allowed to engage with fellow mages or fight against them. There is an elemental counter system in which each of the 7 elements brings unique playstyles, strengths with counters. Besides, there are several spells which are ready for you to experiment. In, you can summon a lot of minions with Dark or defend you with Earth and fool the rival with Psychic, and so on. By taking advantage of everything you have and making use of the surroundings, you can crush targets and assist your friends. Forming an Order of wizards will help you dominate an area easier. Attempt to progress and open upgrades!

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