How to play:

Use arrows or WASD to move, Space or Shift to speed up, X or K to fire, Z or L to stop.

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About is a free online 2d shooter game set in space, a great and ideal place for brutal battles. Engage a fast-paced dogfight along with other people and embark on a survival combat in which you have to destroy all of the enemies surrounding quickly before they seize the opportunity to do the same for you. While you are fighting, you should collect energy orbs to get stronger and grow bigger. Aside from that, the item that you pick up will help you increase your score. In the early stage, just focus on eating and avoiding higher level guys. When you are larger, use visibility to your advantage to select the challenge. At size 60, you will appear on the minimap. And you can become the prey. With the massive power at that time, you can hit them without difficulty. You may want to cover your back and stay near edges. From that spot, you can observe, see further and attack the target easier. Good luck!

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