How to play:

The mouse is used for interacting with the in-game objects to find a way back home.

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About Hooda Math Escape Room Dover

Hooda Math Escape Room Dover is another Escape game online from the Hooda Math games series. Let’s make your escaping experience much better with this title then see if you can beat all challenges. Each Escape game sticks with a different story, which makes the gameplay more interesting. Also, you will earn a new experience after giving it a try. In Hooda Math Escape Room Dover unblocked, you were making a trip through Delaware and you made a decision on stopping at the capital – Dover to visit some places and explore more areas with awesome things to see. You are very excited about this trip because it can open your mind and bring you more knowledge about the new places. But, when your trip is over, you decide to go home. Here’s the problem: you cannot find a way home and nobody can give you a ride. What can you do now? Just know that you need to stay calm and try not to panic so you can figure out how to escape this place. Look around your place, find some objects, collect hints, and put them together to solve the puzzles. Challenge your logical-thinking and puzzle-solving skills through this challenge! Hopefully, you will find a way back home. Play it now! Much fun with it!

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