How to play:

Use the mouse to find clues and interact with objects for your escape.

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About Hooda Math Escape Room Charleston

Hooda Math Escape Room Charleston unblocked takes you on another trip with lots of puzzles to solve. You were traveling to Charleston, West Virginia over the weekend in this Capital City Escape game. You already visited some amazing places with beautiful views, including the Capitol Building. All of these places brought a good time to you and you enjoyed it a lot. When the trip came to an end, you were ready to go home. Now, on the way home, you realize that you were lost and could not find a way back home. To escape this place, you must look around and see what you can find. There will be some objects or hints around the place. Try to pick them up then put them together to solve all the puzzles. Make sure you always stay calm when finding a way home. Don’t freak out when you get lost! You can totally solve it! Play Hooda Math Escape Room Charleston free game and put your puzzle-solving skills to a test! Have fun with it!

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