How to play:

Perform the movement of your character using WASD. Click the left mouse to fire, use number keys 1-3 for changing a weapon, and use F to pick up an item.

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You become a cunning fighter with a helmet on your head in unblocked! This is another battle royale fighting game from the io games series, which definitely keeps you engaged for hours. In game, you will wander around a huge arena full of enemies. To survive, you must kill them all as well as protect yourself from all dangers around you. Make use of your weapons to deal damage to the enemies, gather chests on the ground for extra items, and then you can use them to power up yourself. Keep an eye on your health bar as it will run out if you take damage from the enemies. So, be careful whenever you battle against them. Remember that the important thing is you have to keep yourself alive if you want to win. You aim to reach first place on the leaderboard to become the best fighter in the arena.

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