How to play:

Move the player with the mouse, Left Mouse to shoot, Right Mouse to speed up

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About Gunfu

Gunfu is a great 2D shooter io game in which you will drive a tank and compete against tons of enemies from over the real world. It’s essential for you to turn into the strongest player in the next match! You will have a lot of chances to rank up and even take over the leaderboard in the shortest time. So, don’t forget to score the most kills and survive as long as possible when you accept to play Gunfu free online! Although the weapon that you receive is not as powerful as you expect, it can become a useful item when destroying the target that you aim. Just choose the prey and fire at them accurately before they spot you! If your point in Gunfu unblocked is increased, you can level up and obtain upgrades easily. Obviously, it is not easy to progress. Tools that you unlock from the shop are actually awesome to cause damage and even the death of everybody in a wink. Good luck!

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