How to play:

Use the left mouse to click ad drag to putt. Zoom with the mouse wheel scroll, reset the game with R and use F for the friendship abilities after unlocking them.

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Golf Royale is a minigolf io game with physics and 3D graphics. The game aims to help golf players practice their skills and better them through epic challenges. If you want to show off your skills, just relax and play unblocked for free in your browser. You will compete against opponents around the globe.

You are recommended to register an account for this io title to experience as well as unlock awesome rewards, like powers (Friendship Abilities) as well as awesome cosmetics in the form of hats and skins. Similar to playing golf in real life, in this title, your mission is also to strike the ball with excellent shots to earn a high score against other players. There are some useful tips for you to follow: you don’t need to wait for the ball to stop its movement to hit it again. Just simply wait a short time between hits! If you strike the ball lighter, you can hit it again sooner. You are recommended to take it slow at the beginning of a course, toggle the zoom, take a look around your place then prepare your smart strategy to get it done quickly with a good result. Make sure you use your friendship abilities once you have unlocked them. By using them, you can get an edge over other enemies easily. The game challenges your reflexes with skillful maneuvers. Feel free to play free game to express them all! Have fun with it!

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