How to play:

Hit WASD or arrows to accelerate, Q to merchandise, G to exchange, B to open the store, K to sell the soul

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About is a 2D shooter io game where you should team up with allies to defend the heart and defeat every enemy. Once you prevent the monster from stealing the core successfully, you will become the winner in the new challenge. Each turn will come after 30 seconds, with bosses. By using your shooting ability and other weapons like energy bombs or spirits, you are able to create a formidable tower defense in unblocked. Additionally, you can purchase souls or upgrades available in the shop to finish the match faster. It looks like an endless battle in which it is feasible to collect a lot of special characters. However, you can pause to check the death you lose when playing free online. So, you will be able to make a plan and avoid being killed frequently. Are you ready to deal with the first wave? Good luck!

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