How to play:

Control the movement of your duck using the mouse, arrow keys, or the joypad.

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About Ducklings

If you are still after games like, why don’t you give a shot to Ducklings unblocked? It’s a fun, incredible, and addictive io game about building a duck swarm. In this title, you play as a duck swimming through a huge arena to save as many ducklings as possible. They are scattered everywhere on the map, so you must quickly collect them all before somebody takes them. On your way hunting for the ducklings, be careful with the enemy swarms that are larger than yours. You should stay away from them before they get close to you and take your ducklings. Do whatever it takes to defend the ducklings, otherwise, you will not have a chance to win. But when you come across the swarms that are smaller than yours, quickly take their ducklings to grow your size. You have to bring them back to the nest safely and survive long enough to rule the leaderboard. Have fun with Ducklings free game!

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