How to play:

Move around the map using WASD. Press the spacebar for handbrake, use C to change the camera, and press Esc to pause the game.

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Play 3D game with online opponents! It’s time to prove who is the best driver in the world. You are armed with a unique car and you must drive it carefully through a map trying to smash up all other players before they deal damage to you. As you kill them, you can slowly increase your points and earn some cash. Then, you will use your earnings to improve your car, making it stronger than ever. Watch out for your surroundings as you play because somebody may take any chance to ambush you. Focus on the race, keep smashing them, saving your life, grinding, and growing stronger through over time for a chance of winning. You aim to reach the top place on the scoreboard to become an excellent driver. Are you ready for unblocked? Jump into it now and show off your racing skills! Much fun with it!

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