How to play:

Use LMB to boost, Space to control your special ability.

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About is an extremely fun-addicting lap racer or battle game. Pick out the vehicle that you like most and get ready to perform your tricks in the next racing. Note that they will bring several stats which are different from each other. They consist of max HP, HP Regen, movement speed, and weapon damage, and reload speed! You should take a look at the collection before choosing whatever. But, most of them will help your experience more exciting. After you enter the playfield, you can embark on finding the way to conquer the track and even to dominate the top spot as soon as possible. You will have the chance to discover a maze along with multiple rivals. You’d better dodge their hits and do not bump into walls too many times or you will die. However, you can boost and cause damage to somebody. Remember to activate your skill promptly!

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