How to play:

Click the left mouse to draw, click the right mouse to erase, use the mouse wheel scroll to change the size of the brush, press E to erase, F to fill and Z/U to undo.

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Draw and guess words with other friends in unblocked! Similar to other drawing games, you and other players will take turns to draw and guess. The mission for the one who draws is to deliver hints to other players through their drawings, while the mission for the rest of other players is to guess what it is for a high score. If you take a turn to draw, try to draw carefully and make sure you will not give too many hints, otherwise, the game is no longer funny. But when you take a turn to guess, focus on the drawings and type your correct answer as fast as possible. You will earn a lot of scores if you guess it right first. At the end of the game, the winner will be the one with the best score. online free may not be the best drawing game but it is worth your try. Play it now! Much fun with it!

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