How to play:

Use the left mouse to move around the arena. Use the right mouse to speed up and press the spacebar to turn into a fake tree.

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In a free Dinoman unblocked game online, you will battle against plenty of dinosaurs controlled by real human players. You make your way through a huge map collecting as many eggs as possible to increase your size and earn more upgrades for yourself. Make sure you get stronger a bit before entering any battles since you cannot fight against enemies when you are weaker than them. A strong dinosaur will be able to solve all cases, therefore, it is very important to build up your size at the early stage of the game. When you are already in a battle, there are many ways to deal with enemies, such as turning yourself into a fake tree to ambush them or hiding below the real trees to avoid their attacks, etc. Depending on your play style, you can choose suitable ways to compete against enemies. Do whatever it takes to keep yourself alive until you rule the leaderboard and become the best dinosaur!

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