How to play:

Direct the movement of your tank using arrow keys or WASD. To shoot enemies, click the left mouse or the right mouse button.

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About DatTank.IO free is yet another multiplayer fighting game about tanks. It opens up an epic battle where all the tanks controlled by real players worldwide have to deal damage to each other for the control of the arena. You spawn in a huge arena with a little tank in your hands and you are assigned to a team. Now you must navigate it through the map as well as work with your teammates to hunt down as many enemies as possible. Try your best to kill them before they are able to kill you. Protect your tank from the dangers as they can come from every corner of the arena. Always stick with your comrades to kill the rival teams more easily. Keep your cannons improved through over time or you can add better guns with more defenses to your tank. It’s all for your victory! So, do your best to lead your team to victory and dominate the leaderboard!

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