How to play:

Press arrows or WASD to move, left click to collect and craft.

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About is a free online multiplayer survival game by LapaMauve, who created and In such a dangerous environment, you need to defend your life from the cold and hunger. Don’t worry! At the beginning, you will move around the land and hit trees to collect wood, the necessary resource used to craft a wooden pickaxe. It will allow you to finish your job sooner. Additionally, mine rocks to gather stone. Furthermore, materials that you have obtained will help you build up a strong campfire to keep you warm at night. Not only that, remember to find bushes and eat berries or hunt animals. In, there are many aggressive people always. They will kill you if they get close to you. Attack and destroy them before they complete their plan! Are you willing to take part in the adventure and prove your ability? Survive and be the leader! Good luck!

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