How to play:

Keys WASD are used for the movement, the mouse is used for aiming and shooting. Press E and X to activate special abilities.

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About unblocked places you in multiplayer battles where you have to compete against many worldwide opponents and must use your smart strategies with excellent skills to defeat them all. You may have experienced many shooting IO games before, but with free online, you will earn more fun for yourself. All you have to do is to fly your helicopter through a big arena trying to shoot down all enemy helicopters, tanks, drones, and buildings that you see. The more damage you dish out, the faster you can level up, making you stronger than ever. You can evolve your ship with awesome weapons and get access to special abilities, namely bullet wipe, teleport, grenade, airstrike, banana bomb, laser beam, etc. All is for your victory! You have to fight smartly and protect yourself from the attacks done by enemies. You must become the King of the arena as well as rule the leaderboard.

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