How to play:

Move your character using WASD, select a tile using the mouse, build the castle using number key 1, place dynamite using number key 2, clear all moves using Q, clear the last move using E, and split the army in half using Shift.

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You play the role of a commander in an io game called The game features different game modes, epic matches, and a great gameplay mechanic to explore. unblocked is a game of strategy, which means you have to use your strategies with smart tactics to outsmart all other players if you want to win.

Before entering the arena of the game, you can select a game mode to play, including single player, 1v1, battle royale, and the 2v2 that will be available soon. The mission for all commanders is to take over the bases of each other to expand their territories. You venture into the enemies’ bases then quickly take them all while protecting your own at the same time. Once you have captured more bases, you can expand your territory. You should try to beat them then conquer their lands. Your strategies and tactics will help you out when you are in danger, especially if the enemies are trying to outplay you. Pay attention to your surroundings when you explore the areas on the map. Don’t let anyone catch you off guard, otherwise, you will be attacked, causing the game to be over. There is a leaderboard showing the ranks of all players. Besides expanding your territory, you should also try your best to get to the top rank on the leaderboard to become the best commander. Play game for free now to present your skills and have fun with it!

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