How to play:

Move your fish using the mouse, click the left mouse to speed up to escape and the right mouse to speed up with bite.

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About unblocked is an ocean game like and with the style of game. You swim around a big ocean full of fishes and aquatic beings. The game is all about eating to grow to rule the ocean. But first, you need to survive all attacks from enemies and beat them all to become the winner. free online is released in browsers, so you can play it easily.

You should think about an attack strategy as well as smart tactics to outplay all enemies in the ocean arena. All of you spawn in the arena as just a small fish. But, when you navigate the seas and eat some smaller fishes or other creatures, your size will get bigger, giving you more strength to win. You can eat as much as you want until your mass is grown. When you become a bigger fish, you can take on other sea creatures that you encounter on your way and make sure you eat them before you get eaten by someone else. Pay attention to your surroundings as well as keep your fish safe from the dangers. Getting eaten will be a game over for you. Also, if your health is reduced, you will meet an end. So, you must keep an eye on your stamina bar and defend yourself from bigger fish. The main goal for you in game is to become the biggest fish that rules the ocean. Play and have fun with it!

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