How to play:

Move the plane by using the mouse, press Q to put down bombs, E to unleash missiles, Space to speed up

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About is a fun new 2D MMO shooter iO game where you fly an airplane and fight against lots of enemies at a time. To take over the top spot and become the best pilot, you need to get the most coverage. So, you should poison as many people as you can before that bar is filled up. Further, your plane will grow bigger when you progress. Remember to gather power-ups scattered across the map of unblocked! They are weapons or speed-ups or larger wings that only exist for a while. They are great to enhance your winning chance. While roaming throughout areas of the airspace, you must defend your aircraft by avoiding being shot. Attempt to survive until you turn into the leader! Besides, it is feasible to loot the achievements of somebody when you demolish their vehicle! Along with bombs, you can fire missiles to eliminate the target. Good luck!

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