How to play:

Direct the movement of your archers using the mouse. Use the left mouse to attack opponents and press keys 1-9 to use the bow.

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In a great strategy io game called ARCHERz, you will have a chance to present your commanding and strategic skills through the in-game challenges. You become a leader of an army of archers with the task of growing the army size and gaining control of the whole arena. Since your army is very small, you need to make it bigger by recruiting more archers and adding them to the side. As soon as the battle commences, you will carefully deploy your units to slay all enemy archers. They are hostile, aggressive, and evil! You must kill them all before they have a chance to kill you. Aside from fighting, your archers can help you gather the gold coins on the map. Let them accumulate more coins for you and then you can use them to buy items. You must fight with good strategies for a chance of becoming the best commander in ARCHERz game!

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